Share Your Fair: Years and Years of a #1 Fan’s Favorites

I’m a BIG fan of the Kentucky State Fair. I first started going to the fair in 1969. Our method of attending the fair was via truck camper. Our family would make the 3 hour drive on Friday morning and stay until Sunday afternoon. We’d pull in the gates and usually complain some about where they “stuck” the campers this year. But soon enough we’d be setup and studying our daily program to arrange our schedule for the day.

What did we do at the fair? Well, the first time you go through the cattle barn it is interesting – just be careful where you step! The fair always has free shows which are entertaining. I’ve seen awesome singers, daredevils, BMX bikes, why I’ve even seen a horse jump 50 feet into a pool of water! Back in those days, they had a rodeo. That was the one event we would pay extra to attend, and during intermission, a country singer would perform. I’ve seen Dolly Parton, Charley Pride, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, and Lynn Anderson. All this fun stuff and I haven’t even talked about “the junk room.” We called it that, I think the proper name is “The Exposition Wing.” It’s a place for vendors to promote their products. If you don’t need it, you can find it in the junk room! It has everything from politicians campaigning, invisible dog collars, cookware, rain gutter systems, and new cars! Best of all they give you FREE stuff! I can’t tell you how many plastic bags with VOTE FOR ME slogans, yardsticks, paper fans, bumper stickers, etc. I’ve picked up over the years.

What else? Food! We always had to have a corn dog. Then they started putting up this big tent called “The Cookout Tent.” Man, it smelled good!  We passed by and they were grilling inch thick pork chops. I think they were about $4 a sandwich.  We splurged, got one and from then on Dad would get one every year. They are YUMMMMMY!

What do I like about the fair? It is a combination of everything: the entertainment, food, exhibits, people watching, and memories. Memories of good times with my family. I want to go every year! If you’ve never been, I encourage you to try it – you might just like it. Then you’ll start making your own family memories.

– Doug Blankenship

*Edited for content. Photo provided by Doug Blankenship

Created on August 13, 2013


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