Artist Spotlight

Check out this week’s Artist Spotlight for the 2014 Kentucky State Fair Turf Series Concerts!

On August 15, Morris Day & the Time will perform with special guest Unlimited.

Morris Day & the Time are an R&B/funk band that originated from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Once in a band with Prince, Morris Day & the Time have taken on the same genre and style as the famous pop artist. “Jerk Out” became a No. 1 hit from their album titled “Pandemonium.” Morris Day & the Time have five albums together and tour frequently.

Joining Morris Day & the Time is Local dance band, Unlimited. They formed in December 1999 in the Kentuckiana area. The group consists of five local musicians and singers. After performing and gaining popularity in the club setting, the music group was featured at several festivals. Unlimited performed at Lexington’s Roots and Heritage Festival and Waterfront Soul and Funk Fest.

Also performing at the Kentucky State Fair is folk rock band America with special guest Caribou on August 16.

America formed in London in 1970. The three American band members, Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley, and Dan Peek were all children of the Air Force and met on the U.S. base in London. The band played many local shows and their debut single, “I Need You,” eventually became a hit after their second single, “A Horse with No Name,” was released. “A Horse with No Name” shot to the top of the charts and is a song known by many. Their debut album “America” generated three hit singles. America has five No. 1 hits and even won a Grammy in 1972.

Caribou is a brass-accompanied dance band out of Louisville and has been part of the music scene here since the 1970’s. The band has appeared at countless clubs, festivals, venues, parties, and special events in the city. Consisting of a full horn section including a trumpet, trombone, and sax, Caribou has proven to be a local favorite at many events.

All 2014 Turf Series Concerts are FREE with paid gate admission into the Kentucky State Fair. Both concerts will begin at 8 p.m.


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