Competitive Entries Deadline Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Last year, competitive entries at the Kentucky State Fair totaled a whopping 56,939. These entries were judged in various categories including antiques, fine arts, crafts, and agriculture. 

No matter the hobby, there will be something for everyone this year! Entries include nearly 30 departments of almost anything that can be baked, made, grown and sewn—what will you enter in this year’s fair?

The general entry deadline of the 2014 Kentucky State Fair competitions is Tuesday, July 1 and must be postmarked by this date. General entries include everything but livestock, rabbits, poultry, and pigeons. Late general entries will be accepted with an additional fee until Thursday, July 10.

The entry deadline for Open and 4-H/FFA Youth Livestock as well as Pigeon and Poultry is Thursday, July 10. Rabbit applications are due Friday, July 18. Late entries for open livestock, with an additional fee, are due Friday, July 25. Extra late open livestock with an additional fee are due Tuesday, August 5.

All entries can be made now by visiting this link and filling out the online entry form. Forms are also available as a PDF and can be mailed once completed.

The Kentucky State Fair Premium Book has information about rules, prizes and drop-off deadlines specific to individual categories, as some entries are judged before the Fair. It can be found online here or can be mailed upon request by contacting the entry department at or (502) 367-5190. The 110th Kentucky State Fair is August 14-24. For more information visit



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