July Fair Bear Appearances

Your favorite Fair Bears have a busy schedule ahead! See them at any of these locations throughout the month of July!

7/1 Hart County 5:00pm
7/2 Lincoln County 5:00pm
7/3 Jackson Energy Cooperative 4:00pm
7/4 Owensboro Convention Center 5:00 pm
7/5 Kroger 1:00 pm
9080 Taylorsville Road
12611 Taylorsville Road
3616 Buchel Bypass
McMahon Plaza
7/6 Harrison County 5:00 pm
7/7 Jessamine County 6:30 pm
7/8 Warren RECC; Bowling Green 7:30pm
7/9 Breckinridge County 6:00pm
7/10 Hardin County
7/11 Henderson County 7:00pm
7/12 Fleming County 9:00am
7/12 Adair County 9:00pm
7/14 Franklin County 5:30pm
7/15 Livingston County 6:30pm
7/16 Nelson County 5:30pm
7/17 Training
7/18 Kenton County 6:30pm
7/19 Kroger 2:00 pm
Fern Creek/ Bardstown Road
Mt. Washington/ Bardstown Road
Hillview/ Preston
7/21 Mercer County 5:30pm
7/22 Pulaski County 8:00am
7/23 Meade County 12:00pm
7/23 Hopkins County 6:00 pm
7/24 Spencer County 6:00 pm
7/25 Boyd County 4:30pm
7/26 Pendleton County 6:00pm
7/28 Montgomery County 7:00 pm
7/29 Madison County 5:00pm
7/30 Oldham County 6:00pm
7/31 Grant County 5:30pm


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