A Message From President & CEO, Rip Rippetoe

At its May meeting, the Kentucky State Fair Board voted to implement this live pay-per-view and the delayed free recordings. It is the Board’s intent that the pay-per-view allow the WCHS to be produced at the level of quality that we all expect, especially in light of steadily declining attendance and revenue in each of the preceding ten (10) years coupled with rising production costs.

One free account to the pay-per-view webcast will be provided to each exhibiting trainer. This will allow trainers, owners and riders the ability to login if they are not near the live feed usually found in the barns.

There are several factors to be considered:

• The price of the live stream is less than a ticket to WCHS, Fair admission and parking combined.

• The webcast is supported by a third party, secured, pay-per-view provider.

• The streaming capacity has been increased technologically to a 10 megabyte strength to avoid complications.

• A help desk number is provided by the company to address any issues viewers may have with the webcast.

• The WCHS live stream can be accessed from any device, but it is recommended to logout/close the live stream from any device that is not in use or when moving to another device. (i.e. computer to mobile device)

Again, thank you for your interest and please visit the World’s Championship Horse Show website via www.kystatefair.org.

Rip Rippetoe

President & CEO

Kentucky State Fair Board


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