Plan Your Visit at the Kentucky State Fair

The Kentucky State Fair is less than a month away, and it’s never too early to start preparing. Don’t forget to do these things to maximize your fair experience!


Stay hydrated.

Kentucky summers can be unforgiving. Be sure to drink plenty of water and take necessary precautions if you begin to feel ill.

Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Nobody wants a sunburn! Make sure you apply some SPF before hitting the Fair, and it wouldn’t hurt to bring some extra with you for re-application.

Wear a hat or sunglasses.

Don’t squint all day—Protect your eyes and enjoy all of the sights of the Fair.

Charge your phone.

Having your phone charged will come in handy for taking photos, checking for real-time fair updates, and of course for if you get separated from your group. But no worries—if that happens, the fair offers a lost child center and “you are here” maps.

Bring your camera.

Capture all of your favorite fair memories and photo ops, from the Fair Bears to Freddy Farm Bureau.

Wear sensible shoes.

With 418 acres of total exhibit space, the Kentucky State Fair requires a lot of walking. Make sure you’re comfortable by wearing walking shoes that can handle an entire day of wear.

Save your appetite.

Be prepared to smell the most delicious foods you can imagine. From classic mouthwatering corndogs to delectable funnel cakes and deep fried candy bars, you may find yourself stopping at a booth (or two!).

Bring some cash.

Even with ATMs available, it always helps to have some cash on hand for quick purchases. Some vendors also don’t accept credit cards.

Pack an umbrella or poncho.

With our unpredictable Ohio River Valley weather, you never know when it could start raining, even at the Fair so it’s wise to keep a small umbrella or plastic poncho on hand. However, the Kentucky State Fair is the largest indoor fair, so there is plenty to do indoors as well!

Plan for traffic.

Getting in and out of the area, finding a parking spot, and navigating the highways can be difficult during big events like the fair. Make sure you anticipate the extra time it may take to get around.

Other tips and tricks:

o   Take a photo of your parking spot and the surrounding area with your phone. With all of the fair events going on all day, it is easy to forget where you parked. Having this reminder can help you get back to your car faster.

o   Plan your activities ahead of time. Make sure you can fit everything you want to do into your schedule. If you want to visit Midway, eat lunch, see the exhibits and go to the concert all in one day, you should make sure you have time to first.

o   If you have small children with you, write your phone number on their wrists. This way, if you happen to get separated, they have your contact information and can get back to you easily.

o   If you are in a group, designate a meeting spot and time just in case.


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