Commercial Exhibit Countdown

South Wing C is full of food, entertainment and opportunities to buy almost anything. From portable buildings to kettle corn, fairgoers can see, try and purchase a multitude of goods. After browsing through most of the area, we compiled a countdown of the unique booths and finds we encountered.

10 – Kitchen Goods
Whether you’re looking for new pots and pans or a personalized cutting board, you can find all sorts of unique and useful kitchen items throughout South Wing C.

9 – Jewelry
Find beaded bracelets, shiny watches and sparkling rings in one of the many jewelry booths. One even offers a free ring cleaning!

8 – Accessories
Did you lose your sunglasses or forget to pack your umbrella? Plenty of vendors can help you with that. Check out the necessities and then shop around for other not-so-necessary items such as cat print socks and belt buckles.

7 – Purses
If you need a new wallet, handbag, backpack or cooler, South Wing C is the place for you. Many booths offer various styles and trendy prints.

6 – Mattresses
Who knew you could test out and buy a mattress at the Kentucky State Fair? Visit one of the vendors if it’s time for a bedding upgrade.

5 – DirecTV
There is no shortage of DirecTV contacts throughout the Fair, especially in this area. Ask questions, test products, and get exclusive information from representatives.

4 – Hot Tubs
Compare multiple models and their prices throughout South Wing C and see if you can find the perfect hot tub for your home.

3 – Cars
Brand new, vintage or decked out in ducks—take your pick and check out the cars you could win.

2 – Glass Crafts
Last-minute gifts (or early Christmas shopping) is made easy with beautiful glass crafts ranging from tiny figurines to light-up ornaments.

1 – Flying Pig
Pigs do fly at the Kentucky State Fair! A booth filled with fun novelties has a toy flying pig on display sure to give you a laugh.


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