Freebies at the Fair

There is no shortage of free samples, merchandise and more at the Kentucky State Fair. Just browsing along some of the exhibit areas can have fairgoers leaving with full bags in hands. Here are some of the items you can take for free and where to find them:

  • Red Bulls – Find one of the Red Bull representatives walking around the Fair for a quick pick-me-up. Spot them with their can-shaped backpacks.
  • Plastic cups – The Courier-Journal booth is giving out these cool keepsakes.
  • College publications – Have a soon-to-be student? Pick up some free and useful resources at the KHEAA booth.
  • Coloring Books & Crayons – Pick up free coloring books and crayons for your little one at one of booths in Health Horizons!
  • Fans – Beat the heat with free fans offered by Well Care.
  • T-Shirt – Get a free t-shirt and snacks when you donate blood to the American Red Cross.
  • Keychains – Add something special to your key ring courtesy of the Kentucky Commission of Human Rights.
  • Chapstick & Sunblock – Keep your lips and skin protected by visiting the Passport booth.
  • Clip magnet – Kentucky Office of Homeland Security helps you keep your bags closed or your documents on the fridge.
  • Coal – Grab a piece of Kentucky at the Union County booth in Pride of the Counties.
  • Ruler – Handy small rulers are available at the Operation Life Saver booth.
  • Yardstick – Measure things on a larger scale with a complimentary yardstick from the Kentucky Real Estate Commission.
  • Pamphlets – Gather information on all things health-related in the Health Horizons area.
  • Candy & Mints – Treat your sweet tooth throughout South Wing B as you stop by various booths offering small candies.
  • Tote bags – Keep all of your new free stuff in a convenient, durable bag, provided by Toyota, Anthem, Kynect, and more.
  • Pens & Pencils – Pick up lots of pens and pencils in Pride of the Counties. Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaways while you’re there!
  • Kentucky State Fair Pins – Don’t forget to grab a Kentucky State Fair pin from any of the yellow information booths.

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