Bronkar – Beatbox Comedy: Rhythm, Energy & Laughter for the Whole Family

We’ve all seen and heard entertaining acts of comedy, instruments, and talent throughout the many years of the Kentucky State Fair. New this year is Bronkar, an entertainer combining all of those acts with his own charm.


 Imagine an interactive comedy show full of beatboxing, percussion, a harmonica, juggling and a little bit of miming—because that is what you get with Bronkar. There is no lack of energy as he flows through his show, interacting with the audience and producing laughter and applause as he goes. Using comedic storylines he hops around from act to act, showcasing his talent.

 One of the most interesting features of the show is when he combines beatboxing with his other talents. He can juggle up to five balls, play the spoons or play the harmonica while also beatboxing a rhythm sure to have audiences clapping along.

 Bronkar is out of the Hollywood area and has traveled all over performing shows and promoting his vision of laughter, excitement and fun for audiences. He claims that his ability to make five sounds at once with only his mouth while multitasking comes from him being “blessed with a curse” of ADHD. He also gives some sound life advice, noting that “It’s the choices in life that make us the people we are.”

 Bronkar is located on the Select Kentuckiana Chevy Dealers Family Stage and will perform shows for the rest of the weekend at 12:30pm, 2:30pm and 4:30pm.


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