We Want ALL the Ribbon Winners!

Help us showcase all our contestants’ hard work and dedication through our winners from years past

Every year, the Kentucky State Fair claims the title of “The Nation’s Largest Indoor Fair” as more than 600,000 people of all ages come to experience the day and night life. Scattered throughout 1.2 million square feet of building space are entertaining and clever Kentucky-made arts and crafts competing for the title of blue ribbon winner. From baking to broiling, there are many culinary categories for entering your prized recipes that are original or have been passed on through generations.blue ribbon winner 4

Not only are there entry categories to win, but cooking contests to be entered as well. Some of these include: Kentucky Beef Council Backyard Burger Competition, Evan Williams© Bourbon Cooking Competition, Gold Medal© Flour Cookie Contest, The Great American Spam© Championship, and the Kentucky Pork Challenge.

Blue ribbon winner 2This year, we are asking our past participants to share their ribbon winning recipes with us. We take pride in the amount of time and effort our contestants put into their work each year and would like to showcase them on our Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter pages. Your 15 seconds of fame can be found by all your family members for years to come if you will share your award-winning work.

Recipes will be shared on our social media pages, so reach out to us! Past years ribbon winners can send them to our email: communications@ksfb.ky.gov, or us via Facebook at www.facebook.com/kystatefair or mail them to 937 Phillips Ln. Louisville, Ky. 40209. Don’t hide your hard work in the shadows! Share your recipes with us so we can show everyone why you earned that blue, red or purple ribbon in the first place.




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