Free is FUN With These Artists!

On Friday, August 26 the Kentucky State Fair Turf Concert Series lineup will introduce the band American Authors with special guest Public, the perfect mix of alternative rock and pop rock. Enjoy your Friday night at the Kentucky State Fair and bring your friends, because it’s FREE with paid admission to the fair! American Authors and Public will rock the KSF turf this year and we hope to see you there!

American Authors is an alternative rock band based in Brooklyn. The band consists of four gifted musicians who describe themselves as, “We’re the authors of our lives, creating music from what we’ve lived, from what we hope for, from what we feel. Every day is different and like everyone, our emotions change according to our personal highs and lows and by the challenges or triumphs that affect all of us.” The American Authors first song to debut was “Believer,” which made it to the Alt 18 countdown on Sirius XM radio. The band also performs the popular songs, “Best Day of My Life,” “What We Live For,” “Go Big or Go Home” and “Pride.”

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The band formed at Berklee College of Music in Boston and relocated to Brooklyn. Originally known as the Blue Pages, they independently released one of their singles, “Run Back Home” on iTunes. In 2012, the band changed their name to American Authors and signed with Mercury Records. The band’s second single, “Best Day of My Life” is featured in advertisements, trailers and video games, and won the Sync Music Award at the SESAC Pop Music Awards in 2015.public the band

American Authors will be joined on stage by special guests Public, a pop and indie band from Cincinnati. With a popular song like “Heartbeating” and being opening acts for Walk The Moon, Twenty One Pilots and Neon Trees, this band will not disappoint! These performances will bring everyone out of their seats! We’ll see you and all of your friends and family there.


This Turf Series Concert is sponsored by the Kentucky State Lottery.



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