We Won’t Let You Forget the Little Things

We Won’t Let You Forget the Little Things

Attending the fair is always a surprising experience with many different attractions each year. Instead of packing bags the night before and writing lists of “DO NOT FORGET” items to set on the counter, we made the list for you, along with a few reminders to finish up the week before.


Buy your tickets early!

When you buy your tickets early at Kroger or the ticket office, you get a huge discount on ALL your tickets (Adult, children and senior citizens)! Advanced discount tickets include $6 admission and $5 parking.

Apply sunscreen

August is always pretty hot, especially when you’re outside most of the day. Whether the sun is shining brightly or it’s overcast, don’t risk it for tomato-red skin and aloe the next three days.

Drink lots of water

It’s important to stay hydrated on hot days, even when you’re exploring inside and outside the State Fair this year. Plus, you can pack a cooler to keep in your car to save a little money.

Concert Day tickets!

Attending a concert is one of the most exciting experiences at The State Fair! Who would want to miss Reba, Chris Young and Brett Eldredge or Jeff Dunham?

An open mind to all food on a stick

Whether it’s fried or boiled, almost everything comes on a stick at the fair. Corn dogs, hot browns and turkey legs, just to name a few. You’ll want to try them all.

A camera to catch those unforgettable moments

The Fair is family and Instagram-perfect friendly. You may capture a traditional Freddy picture to put on your next holiday card!

Deodorant-It’s a little hot out there

Stick your roll-on in your purse or bag, you never know when you might need it under the hot August sun.

The Grandparents- Senior Citizens get in at a discounted price

Senior Day is one of the best days to spend time with your grandparents, parents or family friends. FREE admission is offered to all seniors, bringing in savings all over. With only paying $8 to park, seniors can enjoy bingo, dancing and more in our Heritage Hall, sponsored by Passport Health Plan.


The Fair only happens once a year…make the most of it!

Just a few reminders and tips:

  • Take a photo of your parking spot and the surrounding area. With all the fair events going on, it is easy to forget where you parked. This will help you get back to your car faster.
  • If you have small children with you, write your phone number on their wrists. This way, if you happen to get separated, they have contact information to get back to you easily.
  • If you are in a group, designate a meeting spot and time to meet.

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