Can You Spot Freddy Farm Bureau?

flat freddy actual.jpgYour favorite Fair friend is back this year! Freddy Farm Bureau can always be found sitting on the front porch of Freedom Hall, but hides all over the fairgrounds! Can you outsmart Freddy and find his secret hiding spots? If so, you’ll win a prize!

The first person to snap a picture of Freddy Farm Bureau and post it on Instagram or Twitter with #FindFreddy #kystatefair and tag the Kentucky State Fair (@kystatefair) will receive a prize.

Each day of the Fair, a clue will be posted on the Kentucky State Fair Instagram and Twitter page (kystatefair). A winner will be announced after the first picture is posted. Winner emails their name and phone number to or message us on Facebook to claim their prize. Winners have one hour to claim their prize or a new winner will be picked.

Inappropriate pictures will not be accepted and will automatically be eliminated from the contest.

Here is the official list of clues:

Thursday, Aug. 18

It’s the first day of the fair and Freddy looks forward to making new recipes when he goes home at the end of the day. Where could he learn from professionals? Possibly a barn…?

Friday, Aug. 19

Freddy was feeling unlucky today so you can find him at the end of the rainbow with other lucky charms. He’s turning to youth livestock to see if they will turn his luck around!

Saturday, Aug. 20

Let Freddy supply you with the best farm machines in town at this exhibit! Maybe they’ll have a tractor big enough for Freddy.

Sunday, Aug. 21

The only place in town where the drivers are under 4 feet tall and can still see over the steering wheel.

Monday, Aug. 22

Freddy is sharing a cold glass of milk with Kentucky Kate and all her chicks! Join him!

Tuesday, Aug. 23

Freddy has been running all around the fair, so we know he’s in good health! But are you…? Find out!

Wednesday, Aug. 24

Freddy wants to find out if he is the “Future of Tough.” Find him and you may win an even bigger prize.

Thursday, Aug. 25

This one is near and dear to Freddy’s heart, and may very well be part of his full name.

Friday, Aug. 26

Today Freddy has a bit of a sweet tooth. Make your way past Peppermint Forest, detour through Gumdrop Pass, sneak by Lord Licorice and sail the ice cream sea to find him.

Saturday, Aug. 27

Share a Coke with Freddy at the finals of this show! Also watch your favorite talented teens while snapping his picture!

Sunday, Aug. 28

All these horses are large and in charge…just like Freddy!


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