5 Fairly Curious Questions Answered about the Kentucky State Fair


We all know what it’s like to visit the Kentucky State Fair. You eat some really questionable fried foods, try to keep your stomach in check on the Tilt-A-Whirl, pet some goats, listen to some classic rock, and pretend you know what makes one quilt better than another.

But what’s it like to live at the Kentucky State Fair? What happens after the crowds go home? And how do they get all that stuff out of there when the fair is over?   From Curious Louisville

WFPL’s Curious Louisville Producer Laura Ellis (and fair superfan) found these answers and more. She lived full-time at the fair for a week, got a behind-the-scenes look at #fairlife and answered your Curious Louisville questions, in a project called Fairly Curious.

5 Fairly Curious Clips:

1. What’s it like to live at the fair? https://wfpl.org/curious-louisville-whats-it-like-to-live-at-the-fair/

2. Who watched the eclipse at the fair? https://wfpl.org/fairly-curious-who-watched-the-eclipse-at-the-fair/

3. What happens where there’s severe weather at the fair? https://wfpl.org/fairly-curious-what-happens-when-theres-severe-weather-at-the-fair/

4. Why don’t the Flying Wallendas use a safety net? https://wfpl.org/fairly-curious-why-dont-the-flying-wallendas-use-a-safety-net/

5. Does anyone exercise at the state fair? https://wfpl.org/fairly-curious-does-anyone-exercise-at-the-state-fair/



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